Translation status

These files only contain the translations, not the package itself.

Please download the package for free from its download page and install it, then install the language files below. You will need to have already installed the matching Joomla! core language for these translations to be usable on your site.

Updated on 2018-09-01 01:24:29 GMT GMT.

To ensure a good experience for our users, only languages translated to at least 50% are distributed. Help us get your language on this list by becoming a volunteer translator!

English (United Kingdom)

Have you found a translation issue?

Please file a suggestion at our translation project site. The relevant translator will be notified. You will have to log in or register for free with your email address, Google, Facebook or GitHub account to file a suggestion.

Please do not contact us about translation issues in any other way, e.g. through our Contact Us page. Chances are we don't speak the language and are, therefore, unable to help you. Thank you for your understanding!

Would you like to help with the translations?

We appreciate all the help we can get to make Framework on Framework (FOF) speak your language. Volunteer translators, like you, make this possible. Please click here to learn how.

Every January, May and September we are giving away free 6 month subscriptions to translators who have been actively translating our software in the past 6 months.